How does Qiara support colic and reflux?

By Emma Park  2 February 2022 

Image courtesy of Emma Park

Why do infants suffer with reflux & colic? 

Reflux & Colic are thought to be common in young babies due to an immature gut and digestive system.

Recent research suggests disruptions to the microbiome in the stomach and intestines can increase the risk of babies suffering from reflux & colic. 

As babies are born with immature digestive systems, an important part of the early development is the maturing of the gut, immune system & microbiome (the 'bugs' in the gut).

Microbial disruptions increase;

  • Inflammation & reactivity in the gut
  • Immune, digestive & metabolic system development 
  • Poor digestive capacity (breastmilk or formula) 
  • Allergies and reactions to foods and other antigens 

Unfortunately with modern obstetrics and the medicalisation of birth (antibiotics / other medications, birth interventions / c-section, birth trauma, lack of breastfeeding, formula exposure etc) - microbiome disruptions are very common.

Qiara probiotics can be very helpful as they address many of the underlying physiological drivers and also help to restore 'good bugs' and balance to the microbiome & ecosystem in the gut.

They can help with acute symptom reduction & also help prevent it progressing to further complications with the digestive, immune or metabolic systems - some of which can impact for life. 

How does Qiara support gastrointestinal health 

The breastmilk strain in Qiara probiotic has many clinically proven beneficial mechanisms of action to help support gastrointestinal (GI) health. Some of these include;

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Restoring good bacteria
  • Supressing pathogen growth
  • Increasing sIgA, SCFA, & mucin 
  • Supporting intestinal membrane integrity
  • Modulating immune response 
  • Modifying transit time
  • Improving regularity & consistency of stools 

Emma Park - Functional Nutritionist : Qiara Probiotics.

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