How does Qiara Infant improve Gastrointestinal health?

By Emma Park - Qiara Probiotics  2 February 2022 

Image courtesy of Emma Park - Qiara Probiotics

Babies are born with immature digestive systems and an important part of the early development is the maturing of the gut, immune system & microbiome (the 'bugs' in the gut).

Gastrointestinal problems can occur when things interfere with this natural developmental process. 

  • Medications (especially antibiotics & acid inhibitors) during pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding or early infancy
  • Birth interventions
  • Stress or birth trauma 
  • Lack of breastmilk / breastfeeding / exposure to formula 
  • Poor diet 
  • Environmental toxins etc

Gastrointestinal problems can impact babies in many ways; 

  • Impact breastfeeding outcomes and bonding 
  • Contribute to the likelihood of colic & reflux
  • Impact digestion, growth and development 
  • Increase the likelihood of dysbiosis - the imbalance of the microbiome
  • Impact the immune system development
  • Increase the likelihood of allergies & asthma in infancy & childhood
  • Increase the lifetime disease risk of everything from heart disease, obesity to cancer mental health conditions & Alzheimer's

How does Qiara support gastrointestinal health 

The breastmilk strain in Qiara probiotic has many clinically proven beneficial mechanisms of action to help support gastrointestinal (GI) health. Some of these include;

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Restoring good bacteria
  • Supressing pathogen growth
  • Increasing sIgA, SCFA, & mucin 
  • Supporting intestinal membrane integrity
  • Modulating immune response 
  • Modifying transit time
  • Improving regularity & consistency of stools 

We now know the microbiome plays a 'regulatory' role in all our systems - including digestive, immune, metabolic, nervous system and respiratory system.

Because the gut houses the greatest concentration of our microbiome (also the biggest 'reservoir' in the body) - it is crucial that we are supporting GI health - at every life stage from Preconception to Elderly. 

How do probiotics reduce upper respiratory infections? 

Probiotics can reduce upper respiratory infections by suppressing pathogens (bugs causing the infection), reducing inflammation, supporting respiratory membrane integrity & modulating the immune response. 

Probiotics also provide good bacteria to the microbiome (respiratory & gut) helping to restore 'balance', this in turn supports the developing immune system further & can help prevent future infections and/or other immune system issues. 

Through Qiara's many beneficial actions - it can help support gastrointestinal health at any life stage - and is particularly useful in pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early infancy during the 'foundation stage' of microbiome development (the first 1000 days - from conception- 2 years old)

Emma Park - Functional Nutritionist at Qiara Probiotics.

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