Mums Clamour for Aussie breastfeeding probiotic Qiara : Fairfax Media

By Fairfax Newspapers  17 January 2022 

Image courtesy of Fairfax Newspapers

By Cara Waters.

A probiotic called Qiara was launched on the market by small Melbourne business Puremedic about two years ago and has experienced a 500 per cent increase in sales in the last year.

The probiotic contains the patented breast milk isolated strain Lactobacillus Fermentum which may help to relieve or reduce breast pain and discomfort associated with mastitis, or reduce the recurrence of mastitis.

Mastitis and colic

New mum Lisa Rozen Grey has been using Qiara since her daughter Isabella was six weeks old after it was recommended to help Isabella with colic as well as to help prevent mastitis.

"She’s almost six months old and I haven’t experienced any mastitis and she was cured from colic almost immediately," says Grey.

Grey used Qiara in conjunction with a natural colic treatment and says while Qiara is expensive at $79 a packet, it was worth it for her.

"Isabella was clearly in a lot of pain and crying for six to seven hours a night and even during the day nobody was getting any help and was really unsettled," she says. "Now we are getting sleep and we have a happy baby. It just made life a lot easier for all of us."

Selling out

Mothers say they have to try several pharmacies to get their hands on the probiotic as it has been selling out after obstetricians and breast feeding advocates backed the product.

.. Pinky McKay confirmed she is advising mothers to start taking Qiara when pregnant.

"I’ve been recommending it to mums for about two years particularly if they have had antibiotics at birth," she says. "Mums who have recurrent mastitis it is great for."

McKay says the impact of the probiotic can be far reaching.

"The pain and disability from mastitis is just crippling," she says. "Mothers get really frightened and become anxious about breastfeeding so it just gives confidence that is a really good thing for them."

Monash professor Charles Mackay has conducted a pre-clinical study on the effect a mother's gut microbiome before and during pregnancy has on the future health of her children.

Mackay says while he is not familiar with Qiara and cannot comment on the product there is potential in the use of probiotics for breastfeeding mothers.

"In general the promise of probiotics has not yet been proven but it is likely that they will be, or maybe even are, extremely beneficial," he says. "The potential of probiotics is huge and we just have to turn the handle and do the studies to show that they are beneficial."

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