Author: Empowered Mother  Date Posted:14 September 2022 

5 Ways to Prevent Mastitis.

By @Empoweredmother_  :

Mastitis is inflammation of the breast caused by a blocked milk duct. It may or may not be accompanied by an infection. If you can get on top of your symptoms quickly, you may be able to prevent an infection occurring. 

Some of the signs that mastitis is coming include: 

* Redness of the breast
* Pain and heat
* Engorged / blocked / firm / lumps felt in the breast
* Temperature
* Flu-like symptoms

You can attempt to prevent mastitis (or reduce the chances of it occurring) by: 

1. Seeing your Women’s Health Physio. They can treat mastitis using therapeutic ultrasound and help reduce the size of the painful lumps. 

2. Get lots of rest (and ask for help!).

3. Boost your immune system by eating well, and trying to reduce your stress levels (if possible as a new mum!) - and do not miss/skip or have erratic feeding patterns (even when in pain try to feed as normal)

4. If it is too painful to feed try expressing, pumping or a nipple shield until you can resume normal feeding patterns with the affected breast - and avoid compressive forces such as underwire bras or sleeping on your belly.

5. Taking a regular probiotic such as Qiara to reduce pain and repeat occurrences of mild mastitis. 

If you have ongoing symptoms, a temperature or flu-like symptoms, please make sure that you visit your GP to diagnose to see whether or not you also have an infection. Sometimes antibiotics are the best solution.