Frequently Asked Questions

How is Qiara taken?
What is the recommended dosage for Qiara?
How long should I take Qiara for?
What time of day should I take Qiara?
Do I need to store Qiara in the refrigerator?
Do I need to take Qiara every day?
Do I need to take Qiara with food?
Where can I buy Qiara and how much does it cost?
Should I take Qiara while I am taking antibiotics or should I wait until I have finished the course of antibiotics?
How is Qiara different?
Where is Qiara made?
I have mixed Qiara with water and stirred it but it doesn’t completely dissolve – is this normal?
When should I take Qiara ?
What does Qiara taste like?
Does Qiara contain dairy, lactose, yeast, eggs, gluten, nuts, soy, animal products, preservatives, artificial flavours, colouring, sweetener or stimulants?
Can Qiara be given to infants?
How many sachets are in a box of Qiara?