Foods to Feed your Gut Bugs!

Pre-biotic and resistant starch foods help feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Long term gut health comes from a good quality, organic, plant rich diet, with variety.. ultimately your aim should be able to get your nutrients for good gut health from your diet.

My favourite way to do this is adding in resistant starches.
Resistant starches are exactly what they sound like; they are 'resistant to digestion'.
That means instead of us breaking down a lot of the fibrous matter, we actually leave it up to our microbiome (aka beneficial bacteria) to break it out.
Pre-biotics and resistant starches are their food.

This is why I do not like long-term FODMAP diets, as a lot of FODMAP foods are indeed pre-biotics.

Imagine trying to run a car without petrol or starving yourself of your own food.
Well that's exactly what a low FODMAP diet is doing to your microbiome; it's starving it of its fuel source!

If you're experiencing a lot of reactions to foods, I would suggest seeking out a practitioner that will do some comprehensive stool testing; as more often than not, it's the state of your gut (and/or stress) that is effecting your symptoms; not the food.

For example, if you so happened to have a bad bacterial overgrowth (which MANY people do!), then these bugs will be eating the FODMAPs, pre-biotics and resistant starches; releasing a lot of gasses, pro-inflammatory chemicals, and causing you a lot of digestive discomfort.

You can see right there that it's not necessarily the foods' fault, but in fact, the bad bugs!
If this sounds all too familiar, then please get in contact with me!
No-one needs to live a life depriving themselves of delicious (and very healthy food) such as garlics and onions!

Some of my favourite resistant starches and prebiotic rich foods to help feed healthy bacteria include:

  • Green banana flour (can be used in a brownie – see below recipe) or even simply by adding 1 teaspoon to your morning smoothie

  • Globe artichoke hearts

  • Asparagus

  • Cooked and cooled sweet potato, white potato, white rice (can be re-heated if you like)

  • Globe artichokes

  • Dandelion Greens

  • Garlic and onions

  • Leeks

Please note: when adding in pre-biotic foods and resistant starches, you may experience some bloating as gas (especially if you have been avoiding these foods). Try having ½ cup of any of the above foods, wait 3 days, and if no discomfort arises, you may continue to eat it.

Erin Jolley :

From: Alpine Natural Health