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Emma Park talks to one of Australia’s most recognised and respected breastfeeding experts, an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), author of 4 best-selling titles, and creator of Boobie Foods. Learn about galactagogues and nutrition for breastfeeding, as well as the breastmilk microbiome and how it relates to mastitis and other breastfeeding outcomes. Pinky is a wealth of experience and knowledge; you’ll learn a lot (and she’s always fun to listen to).​

Join Emma Park & ‘B’ from Core and Floor, Australia’s leading expert on the pelvic floor, not to mention an all-round guru when it comes to empowering and supporting mums with her online programs, coaching, podcast and face-to-face workshops. You don’t want to miss this chat – it’s a game changer!​

Registered midwife, and a registered nurse, Karen McClay has seen over 1700 couples complete the program since 2009. Emma & Karen discuss the role of stress and how that impacts birth and parenting outcomes (everything from hormones to the microbiome). Karen is a beautiful person with a wealth of experience – we’re sure you’ll love this chat as much as we did!​

Emma Park talks to Tasha Jennings, Naturopath and Nutritionist, expert in fertility and nutrition, author of two globally available books and regular on radio, television and press. Listen to Emma and Tasha share their expert knowledge on the topic and speak passionately about how the microbiome has an incredibly important role to play in fertility and what you can do to support it. These two are self-declared ‘microbiome nerds’, so if you’re interested in the topic – you won’t be sorry you’ve listened to this one!​

Executive Officer and Project Manager of UNSW Microbiome Research Centre's Naomi Strout joins Emma Park to discuss the world-leading Mothers Babies Study. (see more at This is a fascinating chat about a world-first Australian study looking at the microbiome from PREconception all the way through to childhood.

Qiara's Emma Park talks to Birth Cartographer and author of The Birth Map, Catherine Bell, educator and advocate for informed decision-making and women-led maternity care. Catherine is paving the way to change policy and create better and more empowered experiences for mums and maternity care workers, and she’s a joy to speak with!​

Join Qiara's Nutritionist and Clinical Educator, Emma Park and Midwife and Mum Lydia Connolly from Partum Panties as they chat all things 'partum panties' and the best tips for preparation and recovery after C-section (whether it's planned or unplanned!), including tips to support breastfeeding. Lydia and Emma share their expertise, clinical and personal experience in this real and down to earth conversation.​

Join Qiara's Nutritionist and Clinical Educator, Emma Park and IBCLC, Emily Brittingham as they discuss what mums (and parents) need to know about preparing for breastfeeding. They chat about breastfeeding education, baby-led attachment, importance of skin-to-skin, and the wonders of breastmilk and the microbiome. Emily shares her valuable professional insights as well as her personal story of breastfeeding her 5 children (including twins!). Don't miss this one.

Join us as Gina shares her evolution from nursing to becoming a trailblazer in women's health and infant nutrition. Her decade-long hospital experience ignited a passion for preventative medicine, propelling her to study Health Science and nutritional medicine. Now running a thriving private practice, Gina's journey took an unexpected turn after her fourth child's birth. Intending to embrace postpartum bliss, her drive and experience with the recommended postpartum food recommendations led her to create a holistic baby food eBook and a ground-breaking baby food product. Tune in for a story of empowerment, innovation, and the seamless fusion of holistic care and modern parenting demands.​