/assets/img/testimonials/Nurture - Megan Jane.png “I wanted to avoid antibiotics if possible … after 1 sachet of QIARA probiotic <i>Lactobacillus Fermentum</i> CECT5716, my mastitis cleared up almost immediately!" Megan Jane

New mum, naturopath and nutritionist Megan Jane, from "Megan Jane Healing You” : @meganjanehealingyou, wanted to avoid antibiotics whilst breastfeeding if possible.

“One morning I woke feeling achy in my joints.. my right breast starting hurting and a red patch appeared. I was pretty sure I had mastitis."

I spoke with my midwife who recommended a probiotic QIARA. "I took 1 sachet of the QIARA probiotic, I must admit I sceptical if it would work. Within 2 hours my fever came down, my breast pain ceased and the red patch disappeared! I was stunned! My mastitis cleared up almost immediately"

"Its $80 for around 28 sachets (one month's supply) but for me it's priceless”.

"Breastfeeding mamas - If you succumb to mastitis, I highly recommending taking a course of QIARA.  Even if you have had to take a course of antibiotics QIARA can be taken in conjunction with treatment to help restore the good bacteria in your gut and breast milk and help prevent future infections. QIARA can even be given to your little one”.