4 immunity hacks for the holidays.

8 January 2023 

Updated 13 December 2023

Whilst they don’t stay this young forever, the  good news is that you can set them up for  lifelong health and happiness with great holiday memories and by following some of our favourite holiday tips to support the  immune system and gut health for the whole family.

A highly functioning immune system is the key to fighting off potential illnesses. And whilst we can’t always  avoid exposure to viruses and bacteria that make us sick, we can aim for a healthy immune system which allows our body to fight off foreign invaders the way it is designed!

To help boost your natural immunity, there are some steps you should take:


To keep your immune system healthy, you need good nourishment, ideally from your diet.

As your gut is your personal gatekeeper - it lets the good in, and keeps the bad out. However, when it’s in bad form or “leaky”, it is compromised and can’t always do its job.

Tip: Cut back on alcohol and coffee, and try some immune boosting foods:

  • Probiotics such as natural yoghurt
  • Fermented and cultured foods like kimchi and pickles
  • Sprouted vegetables such as alfalfa and mung bean sprouts
  • Gut-soothing foods – almonds, coconut oil, figs, parsley and prunes
  • A fiber boost – more fruit, vegetables and grains

Probiotic rich foods can help restore bacteria balance in the gut. They’ve been shown to secrete protective substances, which may ‘turn on’ the immune system.


Stress directly impacts the immune system. Studies have shown psychological stress impacts if and how severely people are affected by the common cold. When we are stressed, our body simply cannot function at its best.

Find a stress-reduction technique that works for you, whether it be meditation, journaling, walking, listening to music, prayer, yoga, etc. Find what brings you peace and stick with it!


Fresh air and sunlight greatly boost the immune system. Fresh air is not only calming, but also boosts your energy! A daily walk should be part of everyone’s routine during this time. Even a short 10–15-minute break outside can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being!


Deep breathing can reduce stress and anxiety, and also support the immune system. It improves circulation, oxygenates the blood, and reduces the production of stress hormones. By taking slow, deep breaths on a regular basis, it may be possible to support the immune system and improve overall health and well-being.

So take a big deep breath, consume daily probiotic rich foods to support your digestion and gastrointestinal health - and enjoy the moment!

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