4 ways pets improve immunity

By Damon Frank : WalkinLab.  7 January 2023 

Image courtesy of Damon Frank : WalkinLab.

Psychological Well-Being = Better Immune System

To be more specific, in what ways do our pets affect our immune system? The psychological benefits of owning a pet are one of the most fundamental connections between our well-being and those of our animals. Recent studies have found that people with mental health conditions who owned pets had higher levels of psychological well-being.

A survey of 2,000 pet owners found 74% of participants observed improvements in their mental health due to owning a pet. 

Microbes and Their Connection with Our Immune System

Its critical to remember that changes in our microbes may account for the immune-boosting advantages of having a pet. Increasing attention is being paid by scientists to the role that bugs living around us play in our overall health. It has been shown that our immune system both affects and is affected by the bacteria that inhabit our bodies.

That’s why it’s fascinating to learn that the skin bacteria of adult dog owners and their canines are quite similar. 

Relieves Stress

Animals probably have the most significant effect on human immunity not only through modulating immunological markers but also by affecting our stress response. It is well established that prolonged mental stress negatively affects our immune system by raising inflammation and lowering our resistance to illness.

By providing emotional support and encouraging people to spend time with others, pets may help mitigate this debilitating side effect. Children who were allowed to spend time with their pets reported lower levels of psychological stress in studies.

Increases Physical Activity

The act of going for a walk, going on a hike, or going for a run with a dog is an enjoyable and satisfying way to work daily exercise into your calendar. Studies have shown that people who own dogs are much more likely to get the recommended amount of daily routine, which is beneficial not just for the owners but also for the dogs themselves. It will strengthen the bond that you share with your animal companion. Regular exercise is associated with improved immune function.

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