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25 January 2022 

So happy I stumbled upon this!

I've just headed into my 3rd trimester and asked a few girlfriends what pregnancy multivitamins they were taking. One of them suggested taking Qiara especially in your 3rd trimester and then afterwards for breastfeeding. After doing my own research it didn't take me long to realise I had a quality product recommended to me. I've been taking for a fortnight now and feel good. As for nursing angel, they were the cheapest stockists and the turn around was rather speedy. So win-win all round I would say. Do yourself and your baby a favour, look into this product!  Mandy · Reviewed on

Helped immensely!

This product is amazing. I haven’t had mastitis since. I used to get mastitis really easily. Constantly was on antibiotics and no one really knew how to help. This was my final straw. I bit the bullet and purchased this probiotic- even though it’s expensive. I know why now!!! It works! I take two sachets if I get a blocked duct.  Also, if my bub is fussy  (she had reflux) I take one and she is much happier feeding. I love this probiotic soooooo much!!!!  Lucille W. · Reviewed on

Love this probiotic!

After have my son I got mastitis and had to go on strong antibiotics. This probiotic was recommended and I hoped it would help stop me from getting mastitis again. I started on it straight away and have stayed on it ever since. I have noticed a huge improvement I also noticed a improvement in my general well-being and this also benefits my son as I continue to breastfeed him. I have noticed my son has less gas and better digestion since starting this probiotic as well.  N j. · Reviewed on

Best probiotics and at the best price!

Loving my Qiara probiotics. My family and I have been taking them for over two years. We hardly ever get sick despite our son being at day care. I have never had mastitis and we haven’t had a stomach bug in years. Currently using the pregnancy and breast feeding one so my newborn gets her share through my milk to help her digestive system mature and to boost our immune system.  Isabel M. · Reviewed on

Expensive but worth it!

I have had issues with ongoing nipple thrush and I have started taking this along with antifungals and treating my baby. I believe all therapies are working and my thrush is now easing (after 5 months of troubles), I was determined to continue breastfeeding so for me everything spent on ensuring that happening is worth it. I cannot say for certain that it was the probiotic that is the key, but I'm still happy I got it and will continue use. Rochelle · Reviewed on

Awesome probiotic for breastfeeding!

Have been using Qiara alongside my infant’s colic & wind treatment. Since starting it, my baby has had less reflux and wind pain, he’s sleeping really well at night (already!) and, as a result, his weight gain has been fab. Wish I had used this with my first baby! Highly recommend this product to all breastfeeding mums!  Andrea · Reviewed on


Absolutely love it. I was hospitalised with mastitis at 2wks pp and it was horrible. Bub got horrendous reflux from the antibiotics and vomited when I gave her oral probiotics, I started getting multiple mild cases of mastitis in both breasts. Within 2 weeks no more recurrent mastitis and bubs reflux had settled down so well. Safe to say since then I've used it every day. Absolutely in love with it. Gabrielle · Reviewed on

Unexpected necessity!

As someone who suffered blocked ducts and mastitis too regularly, this has fast become something I rely on. I tried it about a month into breastfeeding not expecting it to make any difference and now I see why it’s so often sold out. I literally feel the difference if I don’t have it and sometimes if I feel a particularly bad block coming on I can take 2 and it’s better by the morning. Jessica W. · Reviewed on


This product saved me!! Sounds dramatic but after four hits of blocked ducts (cue dangle feeding, showers before feeding with hungry screaming baby), endless pumping, massaging, ultrasound treatment and lots of tears) I went back to this probiotic (had been using other ones) and haven’t had any blocked ducts in over 6 months and there have been enough sickness and changes in feeding that could have triggered it. My girl is nearly a year and we are still feeding and I honestly put it down to this product. I will use until we stop BF. Sam W. · Reviewed on

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