Keira Rumble what led her to develop her business and fabulous products for mums

By Keira Rumble  

About Keira Rumble from Krumbled Foods and what led her to develop her business and fabulous products for mums.

“My start to motherhood was rocky, with multiple pregnancy losses, ending up in IVF and conceiving our beautiful miracle son, Hunter, and soon to be born, daughter. Once pregnant, I naively thought my experience would be all smooth sailing (I mean the journey up to this point was filled with so much heartache, right?), but unfortunately, that would not be the case.

I was faced with literally every pregnancy symptom under the sun, including heartburn, nose bleeds, and pelvic girdle pain to name a few. If you've heard of a pregnancy symptom, I’ve probably had it. And to top it all off, two Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) pregnancies, resulting in multiple hospital visits, IV fluids, taking more medications that I ever knew my body could handle.

The idea of our first product stemmed from my bathroom floor. Hydramama® came about when I quite literally couldn’t stomach any other electrolyte-based product, or the ones that I loved, were full of sugar, artificial colours and flavours. And so began a quest to create a unicorn product, one that would hydrate you, taste delicious going down (and coming up for many like me) and to also have other functional and beneficial ingredients like Vitamin B6, Methyl Folate and Vitamin C. Hydramama® took over two and a half years to perfect, but finally we are here.

I always knew my journey to parenthood would set me onto a greater path, and for me, my passion has always been in creating products that I can’t find anywhere else. The idea to create a business, a brand and a space, where we could help parents and their mini’s thrive was born." Keira Rumble

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