Kids immunity and 4 tips for gut health.

By Qiara  1 January 2023 

Image courtesy of Qiara

How gut health can help support kids’ immunity

The gut is home to 70 per cent of the body’s immune system and the bacteria in your child’s gut plays an important role in keeping them healthy.

We now know the gut microbiome (the bacteria that live in our gut) affects  every aspect of our health, from digestion to immunity.

The microbiome is established very early in life, which is why supporting good gut health in kids as early as possible is vital to establish for them a path of wellness.

Here are 4 tips to help nurture your child’s microbiome.

1. Feed the good bacteria

Its scientifically knows eating too much fat and sugar as a child can alter the microbiome in permanent ways.

The good bacteria in the gut thrives on prebiotics (plant fibres that nurture the friendly bacteria in the gut) -  think fruits, veggies, legumes, wholegrains, nuts and seeds. 

Simple swaps to wholegrain bread and brown rice can help.

2. Embrace active cultures

Fermented foods are rich in live and active cultures (good bacteria) and have been shown to aid digestion, support immunity and increase the nutritional content of foods.

Not many kids are going to want to eat sauerkraut straight from their plate, so try introducing fermented foods slowly, adding a spoonful to a dish they love.

Yoghurts are great too, as long as they contain live cultures and aren’t packed with sugar.

3. Pets and dirt (yes dirt) are good

Encouraging your kids to avoid dirt prevents the formation of healthy gut bacteria. So encourage outdoor play!.

Owning a cat or dog can also be a good thing, with research published in the journal Microbiome found children exposed to furry pets during infancy had higher levels of two types of bacteria.

4. Amazing HMOs

HMO’s are human milk oligosaccharides — special prebiotics naturally found in breast milk that solely support the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, where 70 per cent of the immune system is housed.


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