Mastitis and Christmas.

By Holistic Lactation Consulting  

Image courtesy of Holistic Lactation Consulting

Mastitis and Christmas!

By Lactation Consultant Jess @Holistic_lactation_consulting

Now I don’t want to be grinch here. We all know Christmas is this best time of year. 
However it can be a high risk time for mastitis and blocked ducts. 

Why? Simply because breastfeeding is often put to the side over the holiday period. We get busy, babies are busy, there is a lot going on and suddenly you haven’t fed Bub for hours longer than usual. Many mums will delay out feeds to avoid feeding in front of family. Some may try to settle a baby with a dummy at the table to avoid feeding during a meal. Babes can be passed from one relative to another and all of a sudden it’s been 5 hours since we fed them. 

Another big problem is that many lactation services are closed over the Christmas period. So when a mum gets a blocked duct it is often treated by a GP rather than a Lactation Consultant. Which in many cases means antibiotics rather than breastfeeding management. 

My tips to avoid mastitis over Christmas? 
- Feed frequently even if it means leaving the table. 
- Feed at the table if your comfortable to. 
- Make sure babe spends time with mum reconnecting if being passed to lots of people. 
- Ignore comments from others that sounds like “are you feeding AGAIN?”
- If you feel you have a blockage make sure to get it out with a long feed, a pump and GeNTLE massage. 
- Have a carrier with you to help baby stay connected to mum and avoid passing around too much. 
- Be aware of clothing, sometimes clothing can block ducts if it doesn’t facilitate breastfeeding well.

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