Planning a Pregnancy in '22/23? Join the Mother Babies study.

By Mother Babies Study  22 February 2022 

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Planning a pregnancy 2022/2023?

"The Microbiome Explained :

The human gastrointestinal tract is host to an invisible ecosystem of microorganisms, which includes trillions of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Collectively, this community of microorganisms as well as its genetic material is referred to as the ‘microbiome’.

Why the Gut?

We know that babies acquire their gut bacteria from their mother and that a baby’s biological platform
is created in the first few days of pregnancy.

From the age of three, the basic building blocks of a baby’s gut bacteria are established for life.

If our gut does not have enough healthy bacteria then we have gut dysbiosis.

Gut dysbiosis has a significant impact on our immune system, and our ability to fight common diseases such as asthma,hay fever, obesity, eczema and IBS.

It also has an effect on brain function, with emerging evidence linking it to depression, anxiety, autism and ADHD.

Today, millions of Australians are suffering from illnesses and conditions that may, in fact, be preventable. Alarmingly, many of these diseases are on the rise.

- 1 in 20 children have food allergies

- 8.6% of babies are born premature

- 1 in 4 children are considered obese

- 2.5 million children have asthma

- 22.8% Australians experience mental health issues


What if we could reverse the trend on these prevalent conditions and significantly decrease their incidence and severity?...  the MothersBabies Study asks ‘How?’ You can help us answer this important question.

The Participant Process:

Pre-pregnant woman who then proceeds to pregnancy - samples taken at 12 time points pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postnatal - stool, oral, vaginal and skin.

Woman’s partner in pregnancy – sample taken once – stool, oral and skin.

Woman’s baby - samples taken at 5 time points in the first year of life- stool, oral, skin."

Are You Eligible :

For more information : and

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