Qiara Adult Reviews!

By Qiara Reviews  11 January 2022 

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"As a probiotic nerd - Qiara (probiotic strain) has clinical trials supporting its use for gastrointestinal and respiratory health for bubs. It's my best probiotic .." @hypnobump

"This probiotic is truly remarkable.  If you’ve taken anti-biotics - get  onto a probiotic to help rebuild the gut microbiota" @thebiomedicalnaturopath

"Toxin free or bust.  I like Qiara ...gut supplements probiotics, digestive enzymes and some essential oils to support gut health" @the.mamas.collective

 ".. I was introduced to Qiara, a probiotic supplement isolated from breast milk... and the single strain/lactobacillus fermentum made a huge difference. We now use the entire range!"  @janapittmanofficial

Get some Qiara in your life!  "Gut Microbiome is incredible & I feel like I’m on my soap box about it everyday  (thanks to those who listen).” @eyrelactation

Qiara for immune support: “I've been taking a probiotic, Qiara, to improve my gut health and immune system, and my hayfever this year is definitely not as bad as I usually suffer." @morningtonpenninsulamums

"I have IBS and food allergies - so the breastmilk strain appealed to me as being the original source for gut healing. I wasn’t breastfed and had a crappy diet - so now in my late 30s, I want to rebuild best microbiome for long term health. It’s alleviated my sensitive gut!” Sal

Great product!  "Have been using this for 12 months and has relieved my stomach pain considerably, try it”.  Denise K @naturalchemist




Qiara is a family of breastmilk isolated probiotics for pregnancy, breastfeeding, infant, kid and adult. Supporting lifelong gut health with our awarded brand, most highly rated “Vitamin and Supplement” for Mum at @TellmebabyAU 2020 and 2021. Evidence-based for 7 health outcomes including : reducing mild mastitis, restore gut flora after antibiotic recovery, restoring good bacteria after csection, supporting immunity, improve good bacteria growth and supporting gastrointestinal health. Read over 2000 brand reviews and probiotic insights @Qiaraprobiotics : Buy online www.qiara.com.au