Qiara rated No.1 "Vitamin and Supplement" for Mum 2020 and 2021.

17 January 2022 

Qiara Pregnancy and Breastfeeding was Highest Rated 2020 and 2021 Mum "Vitamin and Supplement" by review site @tellmebabyau voted on by 60,000 parents nationally. 

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Jo Anderson : Recommended! 

I was recommended this probiotic while breastfeeding and expressing for my premature son. It successfully kept blocked ducts and mastitis away while helping mature my baby’s gut and helping ease reflux and colic symptoms. I swear by probiotics in mine and my sons diet as it keeps us both healthy and well.

Victoria Briscoe : Brilliant probiotic 

I was recommended this probiotic to keep mastitis at bay and it was worth every cent. Within a couple of days I was feeling so much better.

Laura Hadfield : Essential for avoiding mastitis 

During my first breastfeeding journey I developed mastitis and it was awful. I was recommended Qiara and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I never developed mastitis again and I felt that I was giving my son the best start in life. Now I’ve just had my second baby and I haven’t thought twice about using Qiara again. It is expensive but worth every penny.

Chelsea Gray :  Settle his tummy

I used this with my son when he was little to help assist us with a sore tummy and wind. I have to say this worked a treat, I couldnt get his tummy to settle in the late evenings and this made it so much more bearable for him and allowed us to help remove the gas.

Shelly Young :  Amazing Product! 

Our son Ollie was allergic to everything when he was born, and introducing foods was a very stressful time for us. By the age of 2, our son had significantly dropped/reduced his allergies, it was unbelievable! A total game changer for us, so grateful to have found this amazing product.

MelInMelbourne :  Used with antibiotics to protect my babies gut 

My baby got tonsillitis at 18months and had to go on a round of antibiotics. I gave Qiara in separate doses to the antibiotics (2 hours apart) and for a further 2 weeks after the antibiotics had finished. My daughter bounced back and had no side effects or discomfort from the antibiotics. Qiara was easy to give in her water bottle and on top of yoghurt. Love it, always have Qiara on standby. She is now on the Qiara Kids.





Qiara is a family of breastmilk isolated probiotics for pregnancy, breastfeeding, infant, kid and adult. Supporting lifelong gut health with our awarded brand, most highly rated “Vitamin and Supplement” for Mum at @TellmebabyAU 2020 and 2021. Evidence-based for 7 health outcomes including : reducing mild mastitis, restore gut flora after antibiotic recovery, restoring good bacteria after csection, supporting immunity, improve good bacteria growth and supporting gastrointestinal health. Read over 2000 brand reviews and probiotic insights @Qiaraprobiotics : Buy online www.qiara.com.au