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By Google.  3 February 2022 

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Excellent product - will buy again

I take QIARA everyday to help with breastfeeding and it is going great! I am going to keep using this product throughout breastfeeding and I have been recommending QIARA to my friends and other breastfeeding mums.  Rong on  naturalchemist.com.au

Great protection against recurrent mastitis and blocked ducts, will be staying on this for the rest of my breastfeeding journey.  Kate · Reviewed on nursingangel.com.au

Qiara- mastitis prevention! I had mastitis 4 times in the first few months of breastfeeding, as soon as I started these probiotics it never occurred again. Life saver.  Caitlin M. · Reviewed on nursingangel.com.au

Really good - I had recurrent mastitis last time and decided I didn't want to take any chances with this baby. I know taking Qiara will help lower the chances of getting mastitis again.  Melissa A. · Reviewed on naturalchemist.com.au

Was recommended this product. Have had thrush for most part of my bub's 3 month life. After 5 days of Qiara it has almost gone and feeling much better in myself again. Gemma L.V. · Reviewed on nursingangel.com.au

I brought this to help prevent mastitis. I was recommended this probiotic by other mum friends. So far I have avoided it and I do think Qiara has a huge part in it.  Monique F. · Reviewed on naturalchemist.com.au

I've been taking Qiara since I've started breastfeeding and never had any issues with Mastitis. It's a great product and I highly recommend it for all breastfeeding mums.  Nina M. · Reviewed on naturalchemist.com.au

I wish I found this sooner! After a nasty bout of mastitis and IV antibiotics, this product is definitely helping.  Amy W. · Reviewed on nursingangel.com.au

So happy I stumbled upon this  : I've just headed into my 3rd trimester and asked a few girlfriends what pregnancy multivitamins they were taking. One of them suggested taking Qiara especially in your 3rd trimester and then afterwards for breastfeeding. After doing my own research it didn't take me long to realise I had a quality product recommended to me. I've been taking for a fortnight now and feel good.  Mandy · Reviewed on nursingangel.com.au

Helped immensely : This product is amazing. I haven’t had mastitis since. I used to get mastitis really easily. Constantly was on antibiotics and no one really knew how to help. This was my final straw. I bit the bullet and purchased this probiotic- even though it’s expensive. I know why now!!! It works! I take two sachets if I get a blocked duct.  Also, if my bub is fussy and refusing to feed (she had reflux) I take one and she of much happier feeding. I love this probiotic soooooo much!!!!  Lucille W. · Reviewed on nursingangel.com.au

After have my son I got mastitis and had to go on strong antibiotics .I was recommended this probiotic and hoped it would help stop me from getting mastitis again. I started on it straight away and have stayed on it ever since. I have noticed a huge improvement I also noticed a improvement in my general well-being and this also benefits my son as I continue to breastfeed him. I have noticed my son has less gas and better digestion since starting this probiotic as well.  N j. · Reviewed on nursingangel.com.au


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