The 3 benefits of breastmilk probiotics for mum.

By  20 September 2022 

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Did you know?

Qiara supports health during pregnancy and breastfeeding while reducing symptoms and occurrence of mild mastitis.

Your gut health and microbiome can directly influence your baby and may be impacted by factors including diet during pregnancy, medicines, birth mode and feeding choices.

Qiara Pregnancy & Breastfeeding contains a probiotic strain isolated from breastmilk to support you every day. 

Qiara is evidence based to benefit mums during pregnancy and breastfeeding and provides support to their babies through  breastmilk.

Qiara can support mum in 3 ways :


1. Help relieve symptoms and reduce occurrence of mild mastitis

2. Helps restore good gut and breastmilk flora during and after antibiotic use, important for C-section or GBS positive mums

3. Help improve gastrointestinal system function for mums and breastfed babies, before, during and after pregnancy.

Read more at : Qiara Pregnacy and Breastfeeding.  


Qiara is a family of breastmilk isolated probiotics for pregnancy, breastfeeding, infant, kid and adult. Supporting lifelong gut health with our awarded brand, most highly rated “Vitamin and Supplement” for Mum at @TellmebabyAU 2020 and 2021. Evidence-based for 7 health outcomes including : reducing mild mastitis, restore gut flora after antibiotic recovery, restoring good bacteria after csection, supporting immunity, improve good bacteria growth and supporting gastrointestinal health. Read over 2000 brand reviews and probiotic insights @Qiaraprobiotics : Buy online