What parents say about Qiara Infant!

By Qiara Reviews  10 January 2022 

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Qiara Infant for 0-24 months.

Qiara Infant contains the patented breastmilk strain of probiotic Lactobacillus Fermentum CECT5716 used exclusively in the Qiara range.

Qiara Infant may help:

  • support gastrointestinal health [1]
  • restore and maintain good bacteria during and after antibiotic use
  • improve digestive function and gut health
  • maintains a healthy microflora

Some of our Qiara Infant reviews :

"My 4 month old baby boy has been having this probiotic for the last 3 weeks and I have noticed a huge improvement with his tummy troubles he’s had since birth. Great product and easy to give to baby!!  Gabriella M

“The Infant product has helped my exclusively breastfed baby  improve his gut bacteria and I simply pump a little breastmilk and feed it to him and he loves to drink it”. Penelope M 

"It was suggested  to try Qiara infant probiotics for our 3 month old who is formula fed to maintain the healthy gut flora. No complaints from our baby at all. My husband also uses for his IBS and says it helps a lot."  Alaina K

"My baby had antibiotics at 4 weeks old, as well as CMPI and reflux. I tried everything under the sun, but these probiotics were the only thing to genuinely settle his tummy and relieve discomfort. They worked quickly and he’s been a much happier baby ever since. I CANNOT recommend these enough! It’s an inexpensive solution and absolutely worth a shot."  E.O

"My son is now 12months old and I commenced him on Qiara Infant.
I feel that this has contributed remained healthy even though he has been in childcare. 
I would highly recommend this product to any new parents."  Jason K

@hypnobump  "As a probiotic nerd - Qiara has clinical trials supporting its use for gut health for bubs. It's my best probiotic for ... babies and toddlers.” 

@anothermumonsocialmedia. "Having caesareans & children with allergies..they have outgrown all by taking Qiara. Im a Big Fan"! 

@misszeekay "My baby got oral thrush. I started him on Qiara and it has cleared up which is fantastic and a reflief."  

@lifewithlittlegods ".. he still gets the good bacteria found naturally in breast milk, from the infant sachets.  Keeps germs away

Keri E @Naturalchemist "Since breastfeeding was not an option .. It has helped me rest assured knowing I am doing everything I can to ensure she has a good and healthy gut

@thebiomedicalnaturopath "This probiotic is truly remarkable. I was floored by its incredible therapeutic effect.  If you’ve taken anti-biotics - get you and your baby / infant / toddler / child onto a probiotic to help rebuild the gut microbiota" 

For more product information : www.Qiara.com.au

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