What Parents Say About Qiara Kids!

By Qiara  11 January 2022 

Image courtesy of Qiara

"My kid’s health is so important to me.. @qiaraprobiotics has probiotics specifically made for little bodies.. immunity boosting from breastmilk.  We use the entire range" @leahs_littleloves 

Immune system!  "Qiara seems to have improved the health of his gut and his immune system. My son also has psoriasis. It seems more settled when he is on Qiara."  Candice r @ naturalchemist.com.au

"She now takes Qiara every morning in her breakfast to help improve her gut and reduce her allergies. Is is the Best probiotic out there. isolated from breastmilk. (Not gifted or sponsored)" @healthyfrenchwife

"Post food poisoning very high temps my four year old seem to improve really well after taking these!!" Kylie B. @ naturalchemist.com.au

 “I have been using Qiara probiotics for a few weeks and it’s made a difference to my gut health. It also seems to be working with Austin who isn’t crying each time he needs to fart anymore". Jilda @ mumsgrapevine

“Before starting the Qiara I had been on two courses of antibiotics. And I noticed a big difference in my gut health after only one week of taking Qiara. My child also seems to have less gas and more of a settled tummy.  I am very happy with Qiara". Rebecca @mumsgrapevine

"My baby got tonsillitis at 18months and had to go on a round of antibiotics. I gave Qiara .. my daughter bounced back and had no side effects or discomfort from the antibiotics.  Qiara was easy to give in her water bottle and on top of yoghurt. Love it, always have Qiara on standby. She is now on the Qiara Kids". MelinMelb @TellMeBaby

"Big fan - 2 children later.  After csections I was worried about my children missing out on the exposure to birth bacteria.  My 3 year old had allergies and have all outgrown - we're having Qiara daily! " @another_mum_on_social_media

"Zee was on some antibiotics .. I buy Qiara probiotics to help protect their gut health.  Its seriously such an amazing probiotic and I get such a huge response when I share the product (on social media). Its so great." @mylittlejoy_

For More Qiara Infant reviews and product information : www.Qiara.com.au. : Pic : @Leahs_littleloves

Qiara is a family of breastmilk isolated probiotics for pregnancy, breastfeeding, infant, kid and adult. Supporting lifelong gut health with our awarded brand, most highly rated “Vitamin and Supplement” for Mum at @TellmebabyAU 2020 and 2021. Evidence-based for 7 health outcomes including : reducing mild mastitis, restore gut flora after antibiotic recovery, restoring good bacteria after csection, supporting immunity, improve good bacteria growth and supporting gastrointestinal health. Read over 2000 brand reviews and probiotic insights @Qiaraprobiotics : Buy online www.qiara.com.au