/assets/img/testimonials/Rebecca.jpg "My lactation consultant recommended Qiara for recurrent mastitis." Rebecca

Just after having my second bub, I developed mastitis twice, within two weeks - a total nightmare with a newborn, and a 20 month old toddler. The lactation consultant at the hospital who I went back to see, suggested I used Qiara.

After a few days of using Qiara, I noticed a significant difference, it helped relieve the pain I was experiencing and .. prevented any further mastitis from occurring.

When baby # 3 arrived, Qiara was something that was on my "must have" list, i started taking it just before bub arrived.

I have breastfed all of my children until approx 18 months and Qiara definitely helps in promoting and assisting with a good breastfeeding relationship. I would definitely recommend to any new mum!”