/assets/img/testimonials/Stephanie2.jpg Stephanie used Qiara to assist with colic - and voila!

"Isabella was a Caesarian baby, which predisposes to colic and reflux. She was exclusively breastfed. Right from birth she would power vomit from reflux.

When she got to 11 weeks old ... I was at my wits end, I went to my MCHN for help, she suggested Willby's Wind and Colic Mix. The pharmacist who makes Willbys suggested Qiara as they work well together, but also Qiara helps with some of the symptoms.

After a week, it was like a Christmas miracle. My baby, was settled! No more screaming in pain,.. no more power vomits She started to sleep!

She stayed on Willbys & Qiara till 10 months - and voila!" Stephanie