/assets/img/testimonials/TheFarmersWifeLife.jpg “ I have tried multiple brands of probiotics and none compare to Qiara ”.

After seeing them on another Mum’s instagram page about helping with mastitis and vasospasms I thought I’d buy a box to try.

My son was struggling to drain my breasts during feeds which was leading to blocked ducts and vasospasms during and after feeds.

Once we corrected his tongue tie and I started on Qiara, things all started to change. No more pain when feeding and whenever I started to get blocked ducts, I’d take a double dose of Qiara and can honestly say by morning they had disappeared.

I tried quite a number of brands of probiotic before purchasing Qiara and nothing compares!” @thefarmerswifelife

I’ve been able to successfully breastfeed my son for 5.5 months, and continue to do so as long as he wants to.

My daughter also loves having her “sprinkles” on her yoghurt each day too and I know she’s getting a fantastic probiotic to help maintain a healthy gut flora”.