Qiara Infant Drops are the same dose of  probiotic isolated from breastmilk as Qiara Infant in an easy to use liquid form as an alternative to the powdered sachet.

Qiara Infant Drops Dosage :

0-3 months - 3 drops daily

4-24 months - 6 drops daily


Shake well for ten seconds before each use.

Being all natural and isolated from breastmilk - there are no additives.  Therefore, it's important to shake the bottle well for ten seconds before every use, to ensure the probiotic and oil mix well.

In some cases, you may find a small deposit of probiotic in the bottom of the dropper. This is completely normal and safe for use. If this occurs, it is relatively simple to clear with a pin or needle, and then shake the bottle and dispense away. 

You can dispense direct to the baby, via a spoon, onto your breast before feeding, mix with soft food or even simply add to a bottle or sippy cup.