"That was to last week. I was hit with a really sore right breast aout of no where. We were at my parents place and all of a sudden I went from being warm from the humidity like everyone else to going completely white and shaking from being frozen cold. I jumped in a hot shower, tried to release my breast tissue, rugged up and tried my best to get her to feed.

Back to the drs again, on strong antibiotics which have now finished up. Lots of rest and trying to sleep when I could. Managed to find the 1 box of @qiaraprobiotics pregnancy/breastfeeding probably in the GC, these are like panning for gold.

I tried the epsom salth trick in my mil catcher I had from @mamabodytea and also my moxa stick I still had from @thegoldenmonth I think I made sure to try absolutely everything. Because mamas just don't have time to be unwell. And to be frank Mastitis is the absolute worst. I thought I was going to end up in the hospital..." @lifewithsarahjade