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The following case studies express the opinions of the individuals interviewed. Results may vary.

The following testimonials represent the opinions and experiences of mums following use of Qiara probiotics.
Results may vary, If symptoms persist please seek medical advice.

“I wanted to avoid antibiotics if possible … after 1 sachet of QIARA probiotic Lactobacillus Fermentum CECT5716, my mastitis cleared up almost immediately!" Megan Jane

New mum, naturopath and nutritionist Megan Jane, from "Megan Jane Healing You” : @meganjanehealingyou, wanted to avoid antibiotics whilst breastfeeding if possible.

“One morning I woke feeling achy in my joints.. my right breast starting hurting and a red patch appeared. I was pretty sure I had mastitis."

I spoke with my midwife who recommended a probiotic QIARA. "I took 1 sachet of the QIARA probiotic, I must admit I sceptical if it would work. Within 2 hours my fever came down, my breast pain ceased and the red patch disappeared! I was stunned! My mastitis cleared up almost immediately"

"Its $80 for around 28 sachets (one month's supply) but for me it's priceless”.

"Breastfeeding mamas - If you succumb to mastitis, I highly recommending taking a course of QIARA.  Even if you have had to take a course of antibiotics QIARA can be taken in conjunction with treatment to help restore the good bacteria in your gut and breast milk and help prevent future infections. QIARA can even be given to your little one”.

"...Qiara, is the reason I beat mastitis!” Shontelle

“… by the time Zelda was six weeks old, I had succumbed to the painful and debilitating illness Mastitis four separate times.

I tried absolutely everything to stop the Mastitis returning … I was at my wits end with Mastitis but determined to continue breastfeeding. A midwife recommended I try Qiara, the single strain probiotic CECT5716 which has shown a 51% reduction in mastitis in recent research.

Within two days of taking Qiara I could see a difference and three weeks later I am still free of Mastitis. Qiara is the reason I have been able to continue this beautiful breastfeeding journey and I plan to continue well into the future”.

"I have not had mastitis once since using Qiara!” Melissa.

"I absolutely love this product. I have one every single morning and it's the best way for me to start my day. Not only do I feel better having it but I know my baby is getting what he needs.

I have also have not had mastitis since having it which is an absolute godsend cause there's nothing worse!

A lot of different probiotics have made me ill but this has been nothing but a positive experience and I can't recommend enough to other mums”.

“It was recommended by my obstetrician and a nurse that I take Qiara” Christine.

"My little one was born 4 weeks early so I missed the group strep b test. The hospital gave me with antibiotics anyway as a precaution. It was therefore recommended by my obstetrician and a nurse that I take Qiara to help prevent mastitis.

As an expressing mum who had oversupply issues quite often I never contracted mastitis and I'm confident the Qiara helped. I would recommend this product!”

“Its honestly amazing stuff” Stephanie.

"Isabella at 15 months old, had a middle ear ruptured, perforated her ear drum... a further 4 times over the next 6 weeks.. as soon as we finish antibiotics, the next day it happens again. So she was on antibiotics for 7 weeks.

She's been on qiara almost the entire time, however I did run out and she didn't have it for 3 days - and straight away she developed an upset tummy, wouldn't eat, and her poops changed to typical antibiotic poop.. we started back on Qiara - and a day later it's resolved! It's honestly amazing stuff”.

Theo used Qiara to prevent mastitis, and unexpectedly to assist babies gut health after anti-biotic use.

"I started taking Qiara every day around 28 weeks, and continued right up until my baby was 9 months old. I didn't have one episode of breast pain or mastitis.

The best thing was it helped heal my babies gut after some unanticipated antibiotics and food intolerances. I could see a marked improvement in him once we started on Qiara. I'd highly recommend Qiara”.

"I used Qiara probiotic .. recommended to me as I suffered recurring mastitis” Cassie.

"It was happening like clockwork every two weeks!

Once I started on Qiara the bouts of mastitis spaced out and eventually they stopped happening all together. I noticed when I didn't keep up with the Qiara, and got myself run down, I was more prone to mastitis so keeping up to it was beneficial for myself and my baby."

“.. I have found Qiara really effective in treatment of blocked nipple ducts” . Blooming In Adelaide.

“My patient has been taking Qiara now for 9 weeks and it has proven effective not only in the treatment of the blocked nipple duct, but we have also found that it has not returned.

My patient is very happy that this is working and she can continue to breastfeed her child”. Rebecca Kubenk.

New mum Alex : “I’ve avoided colds, flus and mastitis – so thankyou Qiara!”

New mum Alex was recommended Qiara by her health professional to support her achieve best breast milk health in preparation for her baby, and for best chance of helping her prevent mastitis.

Alex has said, “The single strain probiotic in Qiara has helped me with my immune system & breastfeeding! I've avoided colds & flus + mastitis! I recommend Qiara to all mothers & anyone who's sick. I need to get Olivia back on it, as she's been sick since we stopped taking it .. so Thank you Qiara!!

Stephanie used Qiara to assist with colic - and voila!

"Isabella was a Caesarian baby, which predisposes to colic and reflux. She was exclusively breastfed. Right from birth she would power vomit from reflux.

When she got to 11 weeks old ... I was at my wits end, I went to my MCHN for help, she suggested Willby's Wind and Colic Mix. The pharmacist who makes Willbys suggested Qiara as they work well together, but also Qiara helps with some of the symptoms.

After a week, it was like a Christmas miracle. My baby, was settled! No more screaming in pain,.. no more power vomits She started to sleep!

She stayed on Willbys & Qiara till 10 months - and voila!" Stephanie

"We’ve been recommending Qiara for a few years .. the outcomes for mums with a history of mastitis are especially positive”. Lactation Network

As midwives and lactation consultants, we understand that for many women, the breastfeeding journey is not always easy.

We have been recommending Qiara for a few years now. The outcomes for mothers with a history of recurrent mastitis have been especially positive. Now, after further research showing benefits for the infants gut flora as well as for mothers, we decided to stock Qiara in our practice.

Our mums find their breastfeeding journey more satisfying when offered consistent, evidence based care that is both accessible and affordable.

Thanks to Qiara that I am still breastfeeding – 18 months later!

“.. it (breastfeeding) was difficult the first few months.

“Luckily while in hospital I met the lactation consultant and she recommended that I buy Qiara probiotics as it was the only item that had proven results to assist women in continue breastfeeding through mastitis”.

“I then just used (Qiara) as I felt changes in my breast occurring and although I had sore blocked milk ducts from time to time, I was able to get through the breastfeeding journey and I am still successfully breastfeeding my 18 month old now!" Mattina.

“The Qiara probiotic is amazing!”.

Sonia Lewis, wife of rugby’s Luke Lewis, philanthropist and new mum was re-admitted into hospital with a bladder infection just one day after arriving home with her newborn baby girl Hazel, and was prescribed antibiotics.

Sonia was concerned of the impact antibiotics would have on her breastmilk, and said “…my lactation nurse said Qiara is fantastic and I really like it... I found it really beneficial especially whilst on antibiotics ... and now after 10 months of breastfeeding which didn’t come easily, I was thrilled to get this far with thanks to Qiara.”


“I was recommended Qiara after my c-section and anti-biotic use”. Nicole

“I needed to have a c-section to deliver my baby girl, subsequently my lactation consultant recommended Qiara to support my stomach health and breastfeeding ability.

After delivery my digestion had been poor – within a week I noticed a positive difference in myself and my baby .. I can happily say that I’ve had a supply improvement, no breast pain - which the lactation consultant attributes to Qiara”

"I’ve told all my friends about Qiara. It truly has blown me away”. Kath

The first time I had mastitis I had a full-blown fever, headache, tender red hot lump and I just took 2x sachets of Qiara in a glass of juice and within an hour I was starting to feel much better. I was fine a couple of hours later.

Second time I jumped straight on to it again took 2 sachets and it never progressed to the fever- just red tender lump that cleared over the day with feeding and self massage. It’s Magic!!!”

I used Qiara to prevent mastitis, and assist address my history with antibiotics. Emily.

"Over the years I've had a lot of antibiotics due to me having cancer as a child and constantly being sickly catching everything that was going around.

Also during my labour I was administered Penicillin to avoid passing on GBS to Sam in labour. I know antibiotics aren't good for our gut flora so was recommended Qiara to help restore both Sam & my gut health & to help prevent the dreaded mastitis, and so far so good!”

Maria had awesome results using Qiara at early mastitis onset.

"Absolutely thrilled to share my experience - I got Mastitis 6 days after giving birth and I had a friend recommend it to me.

I've been taking Qiara for the past 7 days and I feel so much better and so does bub, I've really felt a difference" Maria

Rouba avoided mastitis after having it 7 times with her first baby!.

"I was riddled with recurring mastitis with my first born. I got it 7 times in the first 4 months .. as well as blocked ducts weekly. I saw 3 lactation consultants and no one could figure out why this happened.

During my 2nd pregnancy I got to meet Pink Mckay who told me about Qiara. I was absolutely thrilled with the results. I didnt get mastitis at all with my second and enjoyed a healthy 2 years of breastfeeding”.

I just had my 3rd baby 9 days ago and am also using Qiara. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who struggles with mastitis.” Rouba

Myra Mawby is an awesome source of healthy family tips at #mummyandtheprince.

She used Qiara probiotics for her toddler son and now with baby daughter, she is taking daily a sachet of Qiara for breastmilk health, digeston and immunity.

Leah has been using Qiara for 5 years for her families health.

“I was first introduced to Qiara when my youngest was still breastfeeding. He was starting to get a cold .. I was hooked as soon as I noticed how quickly it helped his immune system!

I also gave it to my eldest as a preventative and in the 5 years that I’ve been using Qiara my boys have only been sick a handful of times, and always recovered quickly.

I’ve also started the adult version and I swear that’s the reason I keep so healthy. Everyone should use Qiara!”

"We love Qiara in our house!” Karina

I started using it in my third trimester with my first pregnancy. It got me through a few bouts of mastitis. I also give it to my boy. He loves it in his cup of milk before bed. It’s his ‘special milk’.

I’m about to start taking it again for myself regularly as I’m pregnant with baby 2”.

Charlotte Carr is author and health advocate – recommending Qiara in her publications.

Charlotte Carr from Bubbayumyum : recommends Qiara probiotics in her book - which went to No 1 and is a top 10 book on iTunes "Bubba Yum Yum" - her wholefood advocacy and support of researched ingredients and results make us an avid fan of her material too.

"I heard of Qiara probiotics was from my lactation consultant” Paris.

I was 4 weeks postpartum and having a lot of trouble with painful breastfeeding, cracked nipples, and always painfully engorged. Once I started taking Qiara, I haven’t had a problem since and my Bub is now 8 months old and exclusively breastfed!

Not to mention Since taking Qiara I have never even had a hint of mastitis- which I am SO thankful for!

Qiara has definitely been apart of our successful breastfeeding journey, thank you!!"

"Qiara Probiotic was a life saviour!” Teagan.

Both my boys suffer from allergies and because of this I couldn't continue breastfeeding my eldest - he was very unsettled and screamed a lot!

Second time around I was determined to breastfeed and given the family history our lactation consultant suggested Qiara.

Wow the difference was amazing, I was able breastfeed my baby without any tummy issues or allergy breakouts and I finally had a content baby!"

"My lactation consultant recommended Qiara for recurrent mastitis." Rebecca

Just after having my second bub, I developed mastitis twice, within two weeks - a total nightmare with a newborn, and a 20 month old toddler. The lactation consultant at the hospital who I went back to see, suggested I used Qiara.

After a few days of using Qiara, I noticed a significant difference, it helped relieve the pain I was experiencing and .. prevented any further mastitis from occurring.

When baby # 3 arrived, Qiara was something that was on my "must have" list, i started taking it just before bub arrived.

I have breastfed all of my children until approx 18 months and Qiara definitely helps in promoting and assisting with a good breastfeeding relationship. I would definitely recommend to any new mum!”

I used Qiara at early mastitis onset! Jodie.

"I love your product and recommend it to all my mum/pregnant friends.

Always have it stocked in the fridge. Definitely saved me last time I had a bout of mastitis”.

Melanie used Qiara to avoid mastitis with her second baby.

"Baby number 1 hospitalised with mastitis.

Baby number 2, Qiara taken during 3rd trimester and couple of weeks post birth, not a sign of mastitis developing.

Baby is now 4mths old. Exclusively breastfeeding!"

@strattansgonewild shared her settled baby news using Qiara :

“I just want to say I've been taking your product for 5 days now and I'm not sure if it's a coincidence but my 6month old who was waking every 1-2 hours for the last 3 months (and 2-3 hours since day 1) FINALLY slept!

He did 8.5hrs between feeds and his day nap improved significantly! he seems more settled and I wish I could hug you guys!

I've been so ridiculously tired and if this has solved all my problems I'll be laughing!”

“ I have tried multiple brands of probiotics and none compare to Qiara ”.

After seeing them on another Mum’s instagram page about helping with mastitis and vasospasms I thought I’d buy a box to try.

My son was struggling to drain my breasts during feeds which was leading to blocked ducts and vasospasms during and after feeds.

Once we corrected his tongue tie and I started on Qiara, things all started to change. No more pain when feeding and whenever I started to get blocked ducts, I’d take a double dose of Qiara and can honestly say by morning they had disappeared.

I tried quite a number of brands of probiotic before purchasing Qiara and nothing compares!” @thefarmerswifelife

I’ve been able to successfully breastfeed my son for 5.5 months, and continue to do so as long as he wants to.

My daughter also loves having her “sprinkles” on her yoghurt each day too and I know she’s getting a fantastic probiotic to help maintain a healthy gut flora”.

Tell Me Baby : 5 star review from new mum Kate.

Mastitis : Nipple Thrush : Anti-biotic use : Babies digestion

"2 weeks into breast feeding I developed mastitis. This came and went for about a month before it turned to an abscess! It was excruciatingly painful at every single feed.

I needed super strong doses of antibiotics. I then developed nipple thrush which just added to the pain. I had made up my mind that after the mastitis cleared I was going to give breastfeeding away altogether when a friend suggested I try Qiara. I dosed up on it initially while on the antibiotics and also started giving little G the infant dose. She is now 9 months old and I am still breastfeeding.

I never got another bout of mastitis again and as a bonus my baby's vomiting after every feed also ceased after about a month of daily Qiara.

We still give her a dose in her porridge every couple of days or so and will definitely keep it up once I finish breastfeeding. I swear by it!" Kate.

Mariana used Qiara at early mastitis onset.

Doula from "Living Arts, Birth and Beyond" and new mum Mariana shares her Qiara experience :

"I first heard about Qiara probiotics from a lactation consultant when my baby was only 2 weeks old and I had shown symptoms of mastitis.

It was absolutely reassuring to read about the research with Qiara and after taking it myself, I now recommend it to all my clients to take during pregnancy and to continue for as long as they can.

As mums we want the best for ourselves and our babies and Qiara is just that".

Midwife recommended Qiara for my recurrent mastitis.

“After 3 bouts of mastitis, I was recommended Qiara through my midwife.

This was a massive turning point for me and made it possible for me to continue on breast feeding my baby.

Qiara assisted me in both recovery and prevention of getting yet another bout of mastitis. It also gave me reassurance that I was helping to heal babies gut flora after unavoidable antibiotics” Sarah

“Nourishing Lunchbox ” creator used Qiara to preventing mastitis.

“We love using Qiara Probiotics!

I use them for my two girls to keep them healthy and regular. I also started using Qiara for myself when I commenced night weaning my toddler.

It has prevented any blocked milk ducts and mastitis even though I have skipped so many of our regular night feeds. Love this product and my girls love their kale smoothies with Qiara mixed in. ” @nourishinglolaandsage

I used Qiara to prevent recurrent mastitis – Rachael.

"Great product!

It's worth the price.. I got some nasty mastitis when my son was about 4 weeks - 1 week corrected... yet another challenge in my horrid start to breastfeeding!

I now have 1-2 sachets in my lactation smoothie in the afternoon! No mastitis since!! Bubba now 4.5 months and fully breastfed!"

I used Qiara use to help prevent recurrent mastitis.

“I had mastitis twice and am still feeding at 13 months.

For me I think the trick was figuring out when she fully emptied the breast.

I also took a probiotic, Qiara .. to increase the healthy bacteria & make you less susceptible to (mastitis) again.” etadec15. (Pic : babycenter.com.au)

Results may vary, if symptoms persist seek medical advice.